Multiples 240

WINZ Home Help Funding for Twins/Multiples - 240 Hours


Being a Mum of Fraternal Twin boys myself, I know the multiple journey very well. But also, I have 3 singletons, so we had 5 under 5. The journey has had its highs and its lows.

One thing I know that meant so much to our family was having a Home Helper / Nanny join our family. Without her, I can say that we would not have made it through.

The saying "it takes a village to raise a child" is so very true. My Home Helper / Nanny was in my village and helped me with caring for the babies, preparing meals, feeding the babies and more. She really was a special person in our family.

If you have a child under the age of 5 and are expecting a set of twins or triplets you will qualify for Work and Income Home help funding of 240 hours. You have one year to use your funding, you can spread it out over time and condense it depending on your family's needs.

The great part is that you can claim your 240 hours through our service and also use our subsidies to top up the funding to pay the Home Helper / Nanny. We also have an account with Work and Income which makes life easier for you as we deal with them on your behalf.

Not only do we make things easier for you, we have a FREE Education support service, where your Home Helper / Nanny is supported in their role by a Qualified ECE teacher (Visiting Teacher).


We also offer:

  • FREE First Aid training for your Home Helper / Nanny
  • Police checks and Reference checks
  • Monthly support visits from a Qualified ECE teacher (VT)
  • Regular Playgroup
  • Trips and Outings
  • Journal
  • Workshops and Training for your Nanny / Home Helper
  • Optional Payroll service

We at Nurture Me are passionate people who love supporting multiples families along their journey.

Feel free to contact me - we are happy to help!

~ Annaliese Sina'au
(Mama Bear to 5 children, including the twin boys!)